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We Teach People How To Lose Weight, Stop Emotional Eating, End The Restrict/Binge Cycle, Without Dieting

Who We Serve:

People that:

  • Understand dieting is harmful to their well-being.
  • Know how important body acceptance is for success.
  • Get that intuitive eating is a skill that can be learned.
  • Have learned that the above is not enough on its own, that an evidence-based approach that includes nutrition science is needed.

Most of us go through the same discovery process when we decide to lose weight.

First, for many, you try counting calories and exercise. You get sold on some special way to do that and it works for a time, but eventually, it doesn't. 

Next, after you take some time to recommit, you come across something that seems to be the secret. Some secret mechanism will be the difference, this time. Perhaps low carb, maybe low fat, maybe it was a supplement plan. The common thread is that there was some secret mechanism.

That worked for a bit, too, most likely. Until it didn't.

Then, we try the next thing, and the next, and the next. All ending up the same way.

Finally, after a lot of hard-earned wisdom, you conclude that there is no magic method, that the problem is that weight loss isn't a trick, it is more personal than that.

Weight loss, ending emotional eating or binge eating, comes down to learning what works for you as an individual.

That's who we serve. The folks that have earned their wisdom.

Problems We Help You Solve

Non-Diet Weight Loss

Emotional Eating

Binge Eating

Who We Are

Chief Science Officer and Head Coach
Georgie Fear, RD - Co-Founder

CEO and Coach
Roland Fisher - Co-Founder

Coach and Binge Eating Specialist
Maryclaire Brescia

Learn How To Manage Your Weight Without Dieting


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