20 Things MyFitnessPal Doesn't Tell You About Your Calories

“I know counting calories is bad,” she stammers, but “and I hate it but, I…. I… really don’t think I can stop.” 

“Hang on a second,” I offer. “It’s okay if you count calories, I’m not for or against it, but let’s see if it’s helping you. And then we can decide if you want to keep doing it, or stop completely, or somewhere in between. And what you want this week might change form how you feel in a month, so we’ll adjust as we go. Deal?”

She looks and sounds massively relieved, and proceeds to tell me about her daily routine, calorie allowance, and what a day looks like when it goes well. Then we get to when it doesn’t go well, and the full picture comes into color and focus. This happens over and over in my nutrition assessments. I meet lots of people who have been counting calories and dislike it, and I meet a few who are actually finding it effective and happy to keep...

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