4 Reasons You Deserve to Feel Amazing For Packing Lunch

When midday arrives, bellies awaken. The sounds of paper bags rustling, tin lunch boxes clinking, vinyl insulated bags being unzipped, and takeout menus unfolding stirs anyone who hasn’t realized it already: it’s lunch time!  The line forms at the office microwave. Desks empty and “out to lunch” signs appear in the glass doors of small shops. Kids peer down long lunch tables to see who will swap desserts with them. It’s a widespread daily ritual, the midday pause for nourishment.

And without fanfare, millions of people of all ages pull out a packed lunch. I think the people behind those packed lunches, who so often go without thanks, are heroes. Here’s why: 

Packing a lunch is an act of love.

Whether the meal is for you, for your husband, wife, or kids, you are showing that you care. You not only want that person to have something to eat, but you probably also thought about what they like to eat, what they don’t enjoy, and how much...

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