Bring It On: How Your Challenges Make You Mighty

challenge mindset Oct 20, 2019

You wake to the sun shining on Monday, your energy is solid all morning and afternoon, and you make healthy food choices. You feel pretty badass about it all.

On Tuesday you wake to realize you’re out of coffee. Then you are stuck in traffic, arrive late to your morning meeting, and while eating lunch, manage to spill yogurt on your crotch. While you try to wash it off in the bathroom, making awkwardly intimate moves with the porcelain sink, your phone rings. And your kid needs to be picked up from school, because “We think he has tonsillitis.”

Maybe the details in your life differ, and life’s cruelty shows up instead as a sick dog, migraine, and broken eyeglasses. The details don’t matter, because some things remain the same. When we’re having one of those days, we are more likely to eat too much, cave to a craving rather than sit through it, stress ourselves out, and not get done all the things we wanted to. If you’re like most people,...

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