How to Break the "One More Thing" Habit So You Can Finish a Meal and Move On Easily

You sit down with what feels like a great meal. You thought about making it balanced and nutritious. You made it taste as good as your culinary abilities allowed. You paid attention to the serving sizes. This is no haphazard production, because you care a lot about your eating. 

But then once you finish your meal, you find yourself grabbing something else. A square of chocolate, or maybe a few dried apricots. Ok, "really done now", you tell yourself. But then there's another encore... you find yourself grabbing a handful of cereal or trail mix. Or a cookie. Or a piece of bread. 

You force yourself to walk out of the kitchen, but now you're annoyed with yourself. You're frustrated because you do this so often, grabbing things after the meal which you know add up to a considerable amount. Why plan such a deliberately portioned meal only to tack things randomly on at the end? 

Are you feeling like this describes you all too perfectly? I promise I haven't been secretly...

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