How to Rock at Fat Loss When You Can't Work Out

Being unable to exercise can be a truly miserable circumstance. It usually happens for reasons which are themselves unpleasant (we’re sick, injured, had surgery, or life is just nuts with commitments and we’ve got no time to tend to our own needs). Additionally, it’s tougher to cope with these stresses if breaking a sweat is your normal stress-relief practice! If you then pile on the feeling of “I’m getting fatter and weaker by the day…” it’s pretty dismal. Arffxlqfs4o2tjqxnmnl things only calorie counters know

I've been there. More times than I like to think about. At times I thought I couldn't take it. And one could argue that my sanity was questionable, because after all, there I was crutching up and down my boyfriend's driveway in the snow after ACL surgery. Being inside and immobile was a pain greater than the impressively intense signals coming from my severed and stitched flesh. 

If you find yourself injured, sick, or for some other reason barred from getting our...

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