Never Let Your Diet Be Derailed By Frustration Again

Everyone know what to expect from the actual holiday, but that first day back at work, WHAM. It's often something that blindsides people with how demoralizing and tough it can be. 

The difficulty of the post-holiday return to work is often a complete surprise to people. My clients often worry whether it is a potential indicator of a greater, more serious, problem. There can be a lot of stress, frustration, and regretted food behaviors on account of these feelings.

It has led me to think more about how I can help people predict these not-so-obvious emotional and nutritional challenges. How can these peak frustration days be... more manageable?

The first day at a new job many of us expect to be tough, but I see that difficulty and overwhelm persist for about two weeks. Similarly, planning for how a person wants to eat and drink while on vacation is common, but frequently the returning home can be a rocky re-entry. And if you ever wondered if...

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