Why Smart, Capable, Successful People Still Have Weight Problems

Dec 27, 2018

Your life has some problems in it.

As does mine. The world is full of problems.

Some of them we just accept because they don’t seem solvable to us personally (world peace), or we know we could do something but it’s not exactly a priority (example: my oven door hinge which has been broken for 19 months and counting).

But then there are all of the problems we do want to do something about solving. As unpleasant as it may be, you probably will do your taxes, whether on your own or with a professional. If you get a flat tire on the car you need to get to work, you’re going to get it fixed. The dog needs to be neutered for his health, so you call the vet to make an appointment.

Some of these problems we have the choice to solve by doing the work ourselves (the taxes being a better example than the dog neutering), or hiring someone to do it for us. You can get out your receipts, pay a nominal fee for Turbotax, and work your way through filing a tax return. Alternately, you can provide your information to someone who will do it all for you.

So there’s an option, you can save some money by doing more work yourself, or spend more and have someone else do the tough part. You can make pizza yourself, or call and get a hot pizza delivered. You can mow your own lawn, or hire a landscaper to show up and make sure the hedge and grass are looking manicured on a regular basis.

Fitness and Weight Loss Are Different Problems

Fitness and weight loss are not the kind of problems someone else can fix for you. You can’t call the Ghostbusters. You can’t call in a plumber.

At first blush, you’re probably thinking how obvious that is. You’re a self-responsible person. Only a fool would think they could buy a slimmer body!

Except, that is the marketing message you are going to be fed left, right and center from a multi-billion-dollar industry. We all are told in subtle ways that we can buy a supplement, hire a trainer, join a class, get an injection, drink a shake and our weight will disappear.

If your excess weight was a puddle on the kitchen floor, diet and exercise products or programs make it sound like all you have to do is call in a pro, and consider it solved. You can imagine yourself stepping back while the plumber figures out what’s wrong with your pipes, gets the necessary tools or parts, does the handy work, and gets rid of the puddle.

I’ll be honest with you: When it comes to your eating habits, you are going to have to fix the pipes yourself if you want the problem really solved.

Not that there aren’t other options.

You might stop using the sink, but that’s really just skirting the problem and pretending it isn’t there. A restrictive no-dairy, no-sugar, no-gluten plan sounds to me like advice to just stop using the sink. You’re not fixing the overeating pattern you have with these foods, you’re just avoiding them. Which is okay, if you don’t miss using your sink.

You can move out of your house and into a hotel, the “weight loss resort” method. Here you also don’t have to deal with your own leaky pipes because you aren’t using your sink, you’ve borrowed someone else’s. You’re eating pre-portioned meals, there’s no refrigerator to tempt you at 11 pm, you’re probably off work and doing vacation things like massages and hiking all day. You can feel like your leaky plumbing is worlds away, and maybe it’s even gone for good.

But when you get home, and there’s your job, and your fridge, and your real life, there is that dang puddle on the floor again.

You can even find experts who suggest the solution is to refrain from using your sink 2 days out of the week, or only use it for a small window of time each day. These are just band-aids to mask the problem, they don’t solve anything.

Be wary if someone tells you they can fix your problem in a really fast period of time. Especially if they haven’t gotten to know you and your current problem. “Lose the weight in 6 weeks” is like getting a 45-minute guarantee on fixing your plumbing problem, when no has even looked at it to see what it is. You’re probably getting lied to, or you’re going to get a shoddy, temporary, band-aid fix.

So you realize you are going to have to learn stuff. You’re going to have to look in dark places, like what’s behind the bucket of dish soap pods under the counter, and why you feel the way you do when you’re alone.

But you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can get help, step by step, to determine what the exact problem is, what tools you need, and where to get them. You can learn by reading, by watching videos, and from talking to other people who are working on patching up their sinks too. Not everyone’s leak is coming from the same issue, maybe it’s your garbage disposal or a rotten seal, but that’s okay because no matter what exact gap is causing your leak, there are tools and directions and you have time to fix it. The queen isn’t coming over for tea tomorrow, and there’s no shame in imperfect plumbing.

So have heart, even if all the products and pills and programs and meal plans didn’t work. If you need free information on how to figure out where your leak is, what steps to take to solve the real problem, we’ve got that for you. It makes us feel good to know that people aren’t running away from their problems, thinking they are too scary or difficult to remedy. That's why we put in the work to create and provide a free library of complete courses to help you learn exactly what you need, and we're here every step of the way if you need an extra hand.

You've got this.

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