Breaking Up With Binge Eating FAQ

Nov 18, 2019

Questions about Breaking Up with Binge Eating

We get a lot of questions about our approach to binge patterns and emotional overeating, and about our Breaking Up with Binge Eating program specifically.

And I love that. It means you're taking a thoughtful approach to your health goals, instead of chasing the latest fads like nearly everyone else.

Here are some questions we've seen about the program and our approach:

Q. I've already tried everything else. Why would this work for me?

A. It's so easy to get demoralized with weight management and restoring a healthy relationship with food because so much diet advice is flat-out terrible.

We all see those friends who lose weight on that new diet. What we don't see is the rebound overeating, diet fatigue, and eventual weight regain (usually ending up bigger than you were before) -- because those aren't things most folks put on Instagram.

If you've tried and failed on the traditional diet cycle, that makes you 100% normal. The solution is to get out of that cycle and into the sustainable practices that actually work.

Q. You say that Nutrition Loft isn't a diet -- but all the new diets say that. What's different?

A. All of the "name brand" diets out there (Keto, Paleo, Bright Line, Weight Watchers ... there's a long, long list) have one thing in common. They've had to come up with a marketing "hook" to attract your attention.

Usually, that means ignoring about 90% of the science and focusing on 10% that tells a good marketing story.

But human beings are complex, and our relationships with nutrition and food are complex.

A Registered Dietitian learns to look at all of the evidence (not just a sliver to prop up the newest fad diet) to give advice that will actually help you reach your goals.

Scientific studies show us what tends to work, what tends not to work, and what works temporarily because we think it does (the placebo effect).

Science isn't always sexy. It doesn't tend to sell diet books or expensive programs. But it does tell us what to do to move toward our goals.

Our program is based on sifting through all of the credible scientific evidence, and interpreting it in plain language so you can benefit from it.

Q. My friend told me weight loss was scientifically proven not to work. Is that true?

A. A study in 1959 showed that only about 5% of study participants were able to sustain weight loss. And that 95% failure rate has been thrown around ever since.

But that study was small, and the participants had very specific challenges.

Since the 1950s, we've learned more about nutrition and health -- and we know a lot more about how the brain works.

Many modern studies show that weight loss is absolutely possible when it's approached in the right way. That "right way" is usually a collection of improved skills, mindset, and lifestyle, rather than one of the traditional "name brand" diets.

(The few folks who do succeed with name-brand diets also practice improved skills, mindset, and lifestyle!)

Our program gives you a system based on science to relearn a healthy relationship with food, then move on to restore your happiest and healthiest weight.

Q. Can binge eaters ever lose weight?

A. Some authors claim that those with disordered behaviors, including binge or emotional overeaters, are somehow incapable of maintaining a caloric deficit (eating slightly less) to lose weight.

That isn't supported by the evidence, and it's not supported by my history with my clients.

However, if you do have a binge or emotional overeating pattern in place, the most important thing you can do for weight loss is to stabilize and end those patterns.

Then you'll be ready to move forward to a healthier, happier weight.

As long as a binge eating pattern is in place, it's true that it's incredibly difficult to escape the lose-and-rebound cycle that so many dieters experience.

Q. How long before I lose weight?

A. Let me answer this way.

If you want to fly to Paris, and you just go stand at the airport, it won't happen. You have to buy a ticket first.

Even though this flat piece of paper in no way resembles two glorious weeks in the City of Light. Until you buy the right ticket, you're not getting on that plane.

The important thing is not to buy a ticket to somewhere you don't want to go -- and that's what traditional dieting sells you. Because I'm sure there are exciting things to do in Antarctica and all, but Paris has way better shopping. (And eating!)

I know this will turn off the folks who want to lose weight in the next few weeks, and that's ok. My obligation isn't to them, it's to you.

If binge eating or emotional overeating are significant patterns for you, stabilizing and ending that behavior is your "ticket to Paris." Until that step is done, sustained weight loss will stay out of reach.

Ready to say good-bye to binge patterns and emotional overeating?

Our comprehensive Breaking Up with Binge Eating program takes you from the stabilization of your overeating pattern through crucial mindset changes that work with how your brain works.

Once we've fully stabilized any tendency to binge, it moves on to healthy, sustainable weight loss, for those who desire that.

We open up Breaking Up with Binge Eating to new students about twice a year. But you don't have to wait for the next enrollment period to get started.

Our Breaking Up with Binge Eating Cease Fire workshop will take you on the crucial first steps to putting an end to bingeing forever -- and prepare you for a lifetime at your happiest, healthiest weight.

We've made it convenient and cost-effective to take your first steps.

Get the workshop details

You're protected by Nutrition Loft's money-back guarantee

No one wants to feel like they've paid for something that didn't work.

We invite you to register for this workshop without risk. If you don't believe the approach is right for you, we'll happily refund your enrollment fee ... just let us know within 30 days from your registration date.

We're confident that our evidence-based approach will help you make sustainable changes to a healthier, happier lifestyle. And we're happy to back that confidence up with a 100% guarantee.



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