4 Reasons You Deserve to Feel Amazing For Packing Lunch

Sep 09, 2019

When midday arrives, bellies awaken. The sounds of paper bags rustling, tin lunch boxes clinking, vinyl insulated bags being unzipped, and takeout menus unfolding stirs anyone who hasn’t realized it already: it’s lunch time!  The line forms at the office microwave. Desks empty and “out to lunch” signs appear in the glass doors of small shops. Kids peer down long lunch tables to see who will swap desserts with them. It’s a widespread daily ritual, the midday pause for nourishment.

And without fanfare, millions of people of all ages pull out a packed lunch. I think the people behind those packed lunches, who so often go without thanks, are heroes. Here’s why: 

Packing a lunch is an act of love.

Whether the meal is for you, for your husband, wife, or kids, you are showing that you care. You not only want that person to have something to eat, but you probably also thought about what they like to eat, what they don’t enjoy, and how much food is about right for them. I bet you took into account the eater and made them something just for them. This task isn't always easy, especially if you have picky eaters, are short on time, and worry about food being wasted.  If you do it anyway, day after day, what perseverance and love that shows!

If you pack lunch for yourself, you make another deposit into the bank account of your relationship with your body. “I’ll take care of you, body, with some good midday grub, and you take care of me and help me do the things I want with this day.” 

Eating a homemade lunch often leads to better nutrient intake than ordering takeout, eating at a restaurant, or opening packaged food.

Food brought from home is more likely to have fruits or vegetables, contain more fiber, and be lower in sugar and unhealthy fats. So be proud of that sandwich you stacked up, it may not be fancy, but it’s a healthier alternative to a fast food burger and fries, or chips from a vending machine. By making that lunch, you are putting more nutrients into your body, or helping someone you love take better care of theirs. 

You thought ahead.

Rather than trying to manage life moment to moment, you had to set aside a bit of time to put that lunch together either the night before, or before you left the house. Go you! It would have been easier to walk out the door and “figure something out” later. But no. Not you. You know how to increase your chances of success. And you made it happen. It's easy to get behind in life, many of us feel like we are flailing and barely getting by. But hey, if you put a meal together in advance, you're definitely doing something right. 

If you have food allergies or intolerances, the food served at an event or meeting isn’t always safe for you.

If you don’t eat meat, animal products or follow a restricted diet for any other reason, bringing your own food is just plain smart.  You have safeguarded yourself against skipping a meal because there wasn’t anything for you on the menu. Rather than be embarrassed that you prepared your own food to bring, I say you proudly rock that lunch bag with nothing short of panache. You are self-sufficient, someone who knows what they want and takes care of their own needs. You savor that soy-free, egg-free, no-wheat-no-problems meal and make everyone else jealous!

The next time you pack a lunch, hold your head high and smile. Give yourself a big dose of gratitude for self-care and caring for others. This stuff matters. And I think you are fan-freaking-tastic.  

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