Progression from Binge Eating to Weight Loss: Emotions

This is a transcript of an episode of the Breaking Up With Binge Eating Podcast. If you'd prefer to listen, you can do that right here, or just keep reading.


“I’m seriously confused”, wrote Christine.

“It’s my first week in your Ceasefire course for binge eating, and I’m studying everything carefully! It advises eating 5 or 6 times a day, but then in the weight loss course it says eating 3 or 4 times is best for weight loss. I want to do that course in the future, and I know I need to stop binge eating first. But here’s my concern: If I need to eat 5 or 6 times a day to avoid a binge, won’t I just start binge eating again if I drop to 3 or 4 meals? How will I ever lose weight?”

Christine’s question is so common that I have been dying to address it in an episode. In short, the answer is that eating 5 or 6 times a day is the first stage in a progression, it’s the meal pattern that works best WHILE you...

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Progression from Binge Eating Recovery to Weight Loss: Stopping At Satisfied

This is a transcript of the January 16, 2020 episode of the Breaking Up With Binge Eating podcast. If you prefer to listen instead of read, go for it here!

Have you ever seen memes of "cake decorating fails?" They crack me up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain. Cake decorating has pretty much become fine art, there are professionals who rival Michelangelo with what they can sculpt out of frosting. I’m talking roses that look completely lifelike, cakes that look like unicorns, cakes with ice skating penguins on top… it’s incredible! 

Cake decorating fails are the hilarious photos of what happens when average non-Michelangelo’s try to decorate cake like one of the masters. A cake that’s supposed to look like a smiling Disney princess comes out looking like a grimacing monster. A cake that’s supposed to be a cute little Easter lamb looks like roadkill. They often put the “expectation” on the left, which...

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How To Get Un-Stuck and Back To "I Can Do This"

I just can’t do it. Can’t seem to get back on to 3 meals a day without snacking – it’s like a default setting, especially when I’m in work. Even when I’m full. Especially when I have tummy ache which is pretty much all the time lately. I want to, but I can’t. 

Thank you for sharing how you are feeling. You are asking for help, and that is awesome. You have done the next positive thing you could think to do, which was to reach out for support. Give yourself credit for that. Woo! That is step one. We all feel sometimes like we are really stuck, like we can't. It's just a feeling, it will come and go. It doesn't mean you actually can't do something just because you feel like you can't. 

Second, remember you are a person, not a robot. That is okay and normal and we like that here. Be flail-y, be lost, be whatever you need to be in this moment. We are all right here for you, we’ve been where you are, we...

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Progression from Binge Eating Recovery to Weight Loss: Hunger

To keep binges at bay, it's best -- at least initially -- to eat frequently enough and avoid getting hungry. But as you probably guessed, that can prevent weight loss if you kept it up forever. What's a person to do if they want to eventually be able to lose weight? In this episode, we walk you though the steps we use with our clients to move away from binge eating and towards a healthy lifetime weight, getting to know and relate to hunger in new, positive, healthy ways.

This is a transcript of an episode of the Breaking Up With Binge Eating Podcast. If you'd prefer to listen, you can do that right here, or just keep reading.


“Deer in the headlights”, would be the best way to describe the look on Bethany’s face.

She was speechless, motionless. I was coaching her over a video chat and had just brought up the idea that the next skill we might explore was feeling hunger. From the look on her face, you’d have thought I said “Let’s throw steaks...

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How to Break the "One More Thing" Habit So You Can Finish a Meal and Move On Easily

You sit down with what feels like a great meal. You thought about making it balanced and nutritious. You made it taste as good as your culinary abilities allowed. You paid attention to the serving sizes. This is no haphazard production, because you care a lot about your eating. 

But then once you finish your meal, you find yourself grabbing something else. A square of chocolate, or maybe a few dried apricots. Ok, "really done now", you tell yourself. But then there's another encore... you find yourself grabbing a handful of cereal or trail mix. Or a cookie. Or a piece of bread. 

You force yourself to walk out of the kitchen, but now you're annoyed with yourself. You're frustrated because you do this so often, grabbing things after the meal which you know add up to a considerable amount. Why plan such a deliberately portioned meal only to tack things randomly on at the end? 

Are you feeling like this describes you all too perfectly? I promise I haven't been secretly...

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Nutrition and Anxiety

anxiety mental health Dec 01, 2019

Some people describe anxiety as unstoppable worry. Others feel an intense dread without a particular focus. People feel it in their bodies as chest tightness, weakness, nausea, dizziness or a pounding heart. Regardless of how an individual’s anxiety manifests itself, we unanimously agree it feels terrible.  And we want to feel better, so it's natural to wonder if and how nutrition can help reduce anxiety.

I say “we”, since along with millions of other people, I struggle with anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues today (1). Even in people without a pathological level of anxiety, anxious thoughts and feelings can interfere with a person’s social life, relationship with food and their bodies, professional and personal achievement. 

I’ve gathered resources on what nutritional factors are evidenced to impact anxiety, so that I can take the best care of myself possible, and help my clients do the same....

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Breaking Up With Binge Eating FAQ

binge eating faq Nov 18, 2019

Questions about Breaking Up with Binge Eating

We get a lot of questions about our approach to binge patterns and emotional overeating, and about our Breaking Up with Binge Eating program specifically.

And I love that. It means you're taking a thoughtful approach to your health goals, instead of chasing the latest fads like nearly everyone else.

Here are some questions we've seen about the program and our approach:

Q. I've already tried everything else. Why would this work for me?

A. It's so easy to get demoralized with weight management and restoring a healthy relationship with food because so much diet advice is flat-out terrible.

We all see those friends who lose weight on that new diet. What we don't see is the rebound overeating, diet fatigue, and eventual weight regain (usually ending up bigger than you were before) -- because those aren't things most folks put on Instagram.

If you've tried and failed on the traditional diet cycle, that makes you 100% normal. The solution is to...

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BOOM! This is how Jeannette conquered trigger foods

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2019

It all started back in the nineties ...

When she was seven, Jeannette found herself in a situation that any seven-year-old would find rather glorious. She was all alone with a full bag of Combos.

If you've never had Combos, they're salty, crunchy, delicious, cheese-stuffed pretzels.

The bag says "baked," which means they're good for you, right?

Mmmm, delicious. It didn't take long to finish the whole bag off.

The next thing Jeannette knew, her mother called out her name with that voice that meant trouble. The lecture started, and it didn't take long to feel a deep shame for eating the Combos. Jeannette learned that calories are horrible, bad, bad, things.

The big lesson, though, was never to get caught eating "too much" ever again.  Jeannette learned she had to hide it.

Fast forward to a few years ago ...

As an adult, Jeannette couldn't be around pizza (and a few other foods) without eating all of it.

It went through three stages.

  1. She bit into her first slice,...
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How to Stop Sweet Cravings

craving dopamine sugar Nov 08, 2019

Question: I had too much leftover Halloween candy. Thankfully, my hubby was one step ahead of me, and he hid the rest of the candy from me! I’m having really bad sugar cravings right now, though. Is there an effective way to stop the cravings? 

A: One of the best way to get past a sugar craving is to not engage with it, not give into it, just keep living your life. Many people say they are plagued with cravings after eating too much candy on Halloween or Christmas, but within a day or so of getting rid of the candy (or those darn leftover cookies!) and reducing their sugar intake, the idea fades and they are fine enjoying their usual healthy whole foods.

So think of these cravings as short-lived, and you'll come out the other side soon! 

You might find that less-intense sweet things, like flavored yogurt or fresh fruit are enjoyable without being so habit-forming and craving-inducing than manufactured processed foods (which are...
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Self Soothing: Step by Step Directions to Get Grounded and Calm

What is Soothing?

Imagine a 7 foot tall, cuddly, furry creature. It can be any color you want, but it would probably be a bright candy color. The type who would be your special friend if you were a kid in a Pixar or Disney movie. This creature is gentle and protective, the type who would wrap you up in a comforting hug when the day has been too much and take care of you while you nodded off to sleep. This creature would say nice things to you when you felt dejected, help you rekindle your hope and get back to your feet. They would help you be your best self. 

How awesome would that be?

I teach my clients to imagine this creature on the days they really feel like they need some comfort. And imagining this big, kind, gentle giant speaking to them. What would it say?

First, it would listen to you and be keenly interested in how you felt. It would show concern at your distress, wrinkling its fuzzy brow. It would treat you and your feelings as obviously important. 

It would...

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