Hello! Nutrition Loft Has A New Home

Our old platform had a lot of issues. We give Kajabi no stars. So we moved our site here.

It's a blessing in disguise, though. See, the name was fine, but the people we serve really told us they want to become confident eaters and the url was available, so, what the heck.

A rebrand!

The site is up and running, but it will be getting better and better in time. This is the "Hey, Roland, get the site up quickly" version.

No courses?! What the...

Yeah, they were pretty epic, but folks didn't use them as much as we thought. So, for now, no courses. Hosting them is either not easy or not cheap.

What about the Binge Eating Workshop? Now that the site is ... well, up-ish, we'll be turning the workshop into a pdf to send anyone who's purchased it.

Enjoy the new site!