Easily Manage Your Weight Without Dieting

Dieting is hard. Weighing food, counting macros and calories, giving up the foods we love never lasts long. So Nutrition Loft created a no-counting, no-restricting method using habits so that you can eat confidently in any situation and easily manage your weight. We put the whole system into our free courses for you.

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Why Should You Learn How To Lose Weight?

Empowerment. When you learn how to lose weight, instead of following a diet, you'll have that superhero ability for life. You'll have the confidence to lose weight easily and to keep it off no matter the situation.

Our Entire System

You will learn our entire system. Other free resources fail in at least one of two ways. They are incomplete or without enough substance to be effective. We are not going to give you a watered down version only to charge you for the full version later.

Updates For Life

You'll get access to all future weight loss courses. We add courses all the time. The goal is to have a comprehensive library that completely covers the topic. We are not going to add a bunch of courses, call it a new version, and start charging for it.

Ongoing Research

A system is only as good as the results you get from it. We test everything for you in a systematic, scientific way. You'll be able to let us know what is working for you and what isn't and we will improve the system accordingly.

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Three Important Considerations

Our goal is to be comprehensive enough to help everyone, but we are not suited for everyone just yet.

1: Our system is skill-based

Many people want a weight loss diet to follow, and they work in the short term, but our focus is on building the skills and habits that teach you to be really good at losing weight no matter the situation. There are no calories to count or food rules to follow. If you prefer to follow diet rules, this isn't for you.

2: Our program is aimed at empowerment

Sometimes it is helpful to simply be directed on what to do. While that has value, our system is better suited for people that want to learn to achieve their own goals. We are guides, not managers. Our coaches come from a place of caring, with loving hearts and will never become the drill sergeant.

3: Self-directed is not for everyone

What if you don't have time to learn this on your own? Many don't. What if you want to learn it but you want help to do so quickly? A coach can help. If you know that learning on your own is not really what you want we'd be happy to help you. Keep reading to learn about that.

Coaching Can Make Things Faster And Easier

Some want the extra accountability and an expert to turbo boost the learning.

We humans all share one thing in common, we have human brains. Self-directed learning and goals are the most rewarding but our neurochemistry is fighting us all the way. Have you ever tried to go after a goal only to procrastinate and get distracted by life and sort of forget to work on it?

The fastest way to achieve any goal is with the right help, the right plan, the right accountability, and a wise set of eyes on things to coach you when things don't go as planned.


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